What You Need to Know About Challenge Coins

If your hobby is collecting coins, you should consider adding challenge coins to your collection. These are unique coins. Challenge coins are small military decorations that have the emblem of an organization. They are given to service personnel to boost their morale and enforce the support of the entire unit.

While there are many disputes about the origins of challenge coins, a lot of people agree that it started during World War 1. Some state that this tradition started in the United States Army Service. During this time, there were numerous volunteers who were joining the US army. The story goes that one of the servicemen ordered the manufacture of small bronze medals. The coil was plated with gold with an engraving of a badge and had great value. The challenge coins were given to the squadron's pilots. Because the coin was valuable, the pilot placed them in a small leather pouch which he hung around his neck. The insignia on the coin protected him from exceptions and thus was very precious to him.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emblem 

Challenge coins are given to individuals to honor their achievements and the ones receiving them cherish them. To those with specific coins, they serve as a symbol of unity, and they remind people of the organization or event associated with the coin. 
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Challenge coins are regarded as important possessions by soldiers who are returning home from war. If a soldier is killed or injured during the war, his friends know that they should try all they can to ensure that the soldier's coins make it home safely.

Challenge coins are not only used in the military. Several governmental agencies like the Department of Defense make their challenge coins. For instance, the Department of Agriculture makes coins which are usually given to firefighters, police or other first responders who show heroism and dedication. Some high-ranking government workers or congressional representatives produce their coins and might, for instance, give them to troops that are going back home to their congressional districts. 

There are also custom challenge coins used in the corporate world. While the situations surrounding the receiving and giving of coins in the business world differ from combat situations, they are used to appreciate those with significant accomplishments or superb dedication. After discovering this trend, general interest organizations and service clubs have started using them as well to honor those with significant achievements or who have been outstanding in some way.  more info 

Challenge coins are prized possessions, and they are a symbol of pride and remembrance for those in the military and also other groups.